• Volunteer Fair 2015

    Volunteer Fair 2015

    Non-profit organizations are excited about the 2013 Volunteer Fair!

Funds Held by the Community Foundation

Agency Funds— Agency funds help nonprofit organizations build endowment fund dollars to help the agency continue their work in the future. Distributions from the agency funds support the mission of each organization.
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Designated Funds— The donor designates the charity or charities that will receive the income in accordance with the donor’s wishes.
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Unrestricted Funds— The donor provides flexibility to respond to community needs. The Foundation board of directors determines the distribution to be given to selected grant applicants.
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Field of Interest Funds— The donor restricts the contribution to a particular area of interest, such as the arts, education or religion.
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Donor Advised Funds— Donor makes non-binding suggestions regarding distribution of the fund income.
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Scholarship Funds— Distributions from these funds are awarded to educational institutions in the names of selected students. Annually, the Community Foundation raises dollars to be awarded to students via the Patrons Scholarship Campaign.
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Operating Endowment Funds— The donor supports the administrative needs of the Community Foundation. Distributions from the operating endowment funds help to underwrite the administrative costs of the Foundation.
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Upcoming Events

There are always new and interesting community events happening with the CPCF. Stay connected by joining us on Facebook .

Symphony on the Lawn
Last Saturday in July
Corner of Main St. and Franciscan Dr.

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