• Unrestricted Grants

    Challenger Learning Center received a grant for Crown Point students to attend the "Mission to Mars" program

  • Unrestricted grants

    CPHS Bulldog Workshop received a grant from the CPCF for their Bulldog Bucks program

Unrestricted: Endowment and Pass–Through

  • Alex and Ila Magiera Endowment Fund
  • Art Hill Ford/Lincoln Mercury/Carroll Chevrolet Endowment Fund
  • Bill & Betty Kennedy Family Endowment Fund
  • Bob and Bernice Anderson Endowment Fund
  • Clayton Dyer Root Endowment Fund
  • Community Endowment Fund
  • Crown Point Community Foundation Fund
  • Crown Point Community Foundation Board of Directors Unrestricted Endowment Fund
  • Dean and Barbara White Unrestricted Endowment Fund
  • Donald and Joyce Huber Family Endowment Fund
  • Edwin and Catherine Huber Family Endowment Fund
  • First Financial Bank Endowment Fund
  • Greg and Nancy Forsythe Christian Giving Fund
  • Hilary and Margaret Raab Fund
  • Howard Wise Endowment Fund
  • Jack and Diane Kemp Endowment Fund
  • Jim and Betty McDonald Endowment Fund
  • John & Ann Barney Unrestricted Endowment Fund
  • Joseph K. Beckman Unrestricted Endowment Fund
  • Joseph L. and Maribel C. Costin Family Endowment Fund
  • Lawrence R. Rouge Family Endowment Fund
  • Marie Van Slyke Bean Endowment Fund
  • Mary and David Root Endowment Fund
  • Michael and Sherron Pampalone Endowment Fund
  • Otto Richard Fifield Memorial Endowment
  • Patricia Huber Endowment Fund
  • Richard J. and Gwendolyn L. Buehler Endowment Fund
  • Theodore L. and Tennessee E. Sendak Family Endowment Fund
  • White Family Fund
  • William and Maxie Scott Endowment Fund
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